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We have all gone through it. Summertime can be one of the most challenging seasons to look fabulous because applying makeup in hot weather requires making some changes in our go-to look. Wearing makeup under the sun is an entirely different story.

Using makeup in hot weather doesn’t last, not for very long at least. During the summer, we tend to sweat excessively.  As a result, makeup tends to fade or should I say, melt off our face. Consequently, eyeliners and eyebrow products are the worst during the summer season. High temperatures tend to melt down creamy products such as crayon and concealers, provoking an involuntary “Smokey look” under your eyes.

Don’t Drag It! Buff It Out:

During the summer, our skin tends to sweat and become oily. This causes a glow that is very difficult to control which requires you to follow some regimen to prevent it. Sometimes, we make the mistake of applying loose powder regularly in the hope that this will make the shine disappear. However, this tends to cause an undesirable effect of flakiness provoked by the combination of sweat and accumulated makeup powder.

Mainly, this usually happens in the T zone: forehead, nose, and chin. We, at PinkyGoat, want you to enjoy summer looking your best even with makeup in hot weather. Thus, we have found real solutions to counteract this summertime effect when applying makeup in hot weather.

Tips For Applying Makeup In Hot Weather

Sun Exposure:

Using sunscreen should be an essential part of your beauty regimen especially if you’re using makeup in hot weather. The importance of using an SPF 15 coverage lies in the fact that ultraviolet rays accelerate the skin aging process and also cause the appearance of sunspots.

To enhance your UV protection, it is essential to apply sunscreen 20-30 minutes before sun exposure.  This is to allow the skin to absorb as many components as possible, thus ensuring better protection. Likewise, reapply it every hour, especially if you’re swimming or practicing outdoorsy activities.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that we won’t use makeup under the sun; on the contrary, what we need is to look for makeup products that contain sunscreen in their formulation. Currently, we find SPF 15 in bases, compact powders, lipsticks… There’s no excuse to ignore this simple but important step.

Fashion Tip:

Remember to wear sunglasses and Pamela hats, not only will they make you look fabulous, but they’ll also protect areas which are more susceptible to develop lines of expression.

Building A Durable Look:

It may not be an indispensable element during the weekend, but when your goal is looking glamorous on a hot night, this product cannot be missed. Applying makeup primer allows your makeup to go on smoother and last longer especially on a summer night out.

To prime your face, apply a moisturizing cream with sunscreen and, right before applying your favorite makeup base, spray a generous coat of primer.

A similar product, the eyeshadow primer will also help you to prevent eyeshadow particles from accumulating on the creases of your eyelids. If you’re new to wearing false eyelashes, remember to prime your eyelids right after applying lashes so you can enjoy all the qualities of our GLUEME Lash Adhesive.

For a summer night party, always bring your GLUEME On The Go for a quick retouch (if needed) before getting back on the dance floor.

Ice Treatment:

A great way to control an open pores-situation is gently rubbing an ice cube on your face before applying makeup in hot weather. Store your makeup base, primer, moisturizer and even your sunscreen in the refrigerator. This trick will give you the icy benefit of closing your pores leaving you with a more radiant skin.

A Perfect Match:

It is always essential to use a base and powder shade according to your skin tone. However, in summer, your beauty routine will focus on showing flawless and matte skin. To achieve it, there are long-lasting liquid bases with a matte finish and with FPS that are your best bet for this season. Use the tone of the product closest to your natural skin color.

Go Nude:

The favorite (and it usually never fails) look of makeup in hot weather is simplicity. The nude look stands out with discreet eye looks in ethereal and natural tones. The classic black Smokey eye is much more manageable during winter. To highlight your natural summer look, you can add some false eyelashes, like MAI from our Natural Collection, or RANIA’S from the 3-D SILK Collection if it’s a night event.

Stop Blushing:

Replace blush with bronzer. Especially if you look sun-kissed, you’re already exhibiting some redness and the blush will make you look burned. Bronzer, on the other hand, which is enriched with bright pigments, becomes the most suitable product to highlight your features delicately. For a luminous and tanned look, apply a bronzer to highlight your cheekbones, forehead, and the sides of your nose. Don’t forget to blend around your neckline and your jaw.

Ultra-Glossy Lips

Forget about Burgundy creamy lipsticks, summer gloss is here to stay. To add volume and sensuality to your lips, apply a cherry gloss in the middle of your pout. You can also use lip stains in crimson or Russian red towards the center of your lips. Complete your look with a clear gloss for fuller lips. Remember to stay hydrated! Your skin’s beauty depends on it.

How To Apply Makeup In Hot Weather: The Gel Factor

One of the most frightening scenarios of applying makeup in hot weather is accidentally erasing your eyebrows when trying to wipe sweat away from your forehead. A strategy for maintaining a natural look using makeup in hot weather without sacrificing your perfectly shaped eyebrows is to apply two layers of GEL MASCARA over it to achieve a higher but natural definition. This technique gives a fresh, waterproof, and youthful appearance.

Check our color chart to select the right shade of GEL MASCARA. Choose a shade lighter than your hair if you are brunette.  Two shades darker if you are on the blonde spectrum.

Beauty Hack

Another gel alternative for a more natural and lasting makeup is to replace crayon eyeliners, which has high oil content, with one of our long-lasting eyebrow products. Using an ARTIST BROW GEL –either an identical shade, or a darker tone than the one used on your eyebrows-, applied as an eyeliner won’t only save you time and money, but it will enhance the naturalness of your look by making your eyes sparkle without needing to apply darker tones that can look too harsh for the season.

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