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Becoming an expert on applying false eyelashes is a must for any fashionista makeup lover. Thus, being always at the forefront of the latest beauty trends in eyes cosmetics, we at Pinky Goat designed the ideal sets of lashes for stunningly volumized eyelashes to help you achieve that romantic and captivating look.

However, even for those lucky ones who possess abundant eyebrows and lashes, getting the perfect facial frame and a hot eye look only becomes easier after applying false eyelashes like a pro. If you’ve tried volumizing formulas, two-steps mascaras, and eyelash curlers without getting the results you’ve been longing for, learning how to apply false eyelashes properly can be your way to style redemption.

We understand the struggle!

And for that reason, we have designed easy application lashes that will adapt to your style and look. Be it of high-end editorial looks or a more casual and light style, we have several arrays of natural eyelashes to match your requirements.

We design trendy lashes that set a landmark for its sophistication and volume. Consequently, all our designs include all the features preferred by any makeup-lover and makeup-professional. All our lashes are super lightweight, soft, reusable, cruelty-free, and has that natural feel that will leave all your followers amazed.

Should I Start Applying False Eyelashes?

Wondering if you should use false eyelashes? Or you’ve already tried to use them and didn’t quite achieve the results you expected? Keep in mind that applying false eyelashes always gives that professional vibe to a makeup look in a matter of seconds. So, keep trying! Practice makes perfect after all.

Long, thick lashes completely change and enhance eye expressiveness. It makes them much more attractive and enhancing your seductive flair to the maximum. It’s not necessary for you to visit an aesthetician to get eyelash extensions. By using one of our full eyelashes set’s, you can glam up your overall look at home comfortably and blend your natural lashes to perfection with our product.

In our Lashes section, you will find several styles and models of incredible light-weight eyelashes. Our lashes have volumizing wisps of hair guaranteed to add a stunning flair and open up your eyes. Dense, extra-long, natural, and soft to the touch. Choose the perfect style depending on the effect you want to achieve in your next event.

Applying False Eyelashes: The Ultimate How To Step By Step Guide

Though applying false eyelashes can be tricky, we’ve prepared a list with the steps to do it without having an eyelash meltdown:

  1. Let’s Start From The Top

Choose the best set of eyelashes that works for the occasion and your personality. For example, a pair of LINA’S eyelashes from our Natural Collection will give you that feminine and discrete charm for a casual office party. On the other hand, a pair of NOURA’S from our Glam Collection will enhance your results with a double-layered, cross-hair flair.

  1. Perfect Size

Pinky Goat false eyelashes are designed to adapt to your features. Before continuing the process of applying false eyelashes, it’s crucial that after removing them from their package, check which one corresponds to the right eye and which one to the left. Next, with the help of a Gold Lash Applicator, paired them with your natural lashes starting right after the tear duct. Then, if it’s needed, proceed to trim the excess that goes beyond the outer corner of your eye.

  1. The Sticky Part

Now, pick one of your lashes with the Gold Lash Applicator, take your GLUEME Lash Adhesive and apply a small amount of glue distributing it carefully on the false eyelashes strip. Repeat the procedure with the other pair and wait for a few seconds until the glue becomes stickier.

  1. Let The Glam Begin

Take one of the eyelashes and start applying it after the tear duct towards the outer eyelid corner. Try to stick them as close as possible to your natural lash line to obtain the perfect blend effect. Also, apply them a few millimeters away from the tear duct.  This is so that the eyelashes don’t cause you any discomfort when blinking. The Gold Lash Applicator is anatomically designed to help you in this process as its curved tip follows your natural lash line giving you a more precise grip.

  1. Combing Your Lashes

Open your eyes and continue using the Gold Lash Applicator to separate the lashes that may have glued together in the process and make any adjustments as necessary.

  1. Extra-Definition

Put a light layer of mascara on your natural eyelashes to avoid lumps or accidentally take off your lashes causing a true eyelash meltdown.

  1. Finally

Culminate your eye look by putting liquid eyeliner right on top of the eyelash strip. With this simple final touch, you’ll thoroughly blend your natural and false eyelashes enhancing your results.

  1. And Repeat

To remove your lashes, prevent affecting their shape by pulling them gently with your Gold Lash Applicator. Save them in their original package and re-use your Pinky Goat Eyelashes up to 20 times.

Preventing An Eyelash Meltdown

While false eyelashes give us a more attractive look, we can also achieve the opposite effect if we don’t use them carefully.

Here are some common mistakes you can easily avoid when learning how to apply false eyelashes:

  • Before using any makeup product, including false lashes, it is essential to remove any traces of makeup or facial creams residue that may affect the GLUEME Lash Adhesive properties. That way you’ll be stopping eyelash meltdowns from happening in the middle of your date.
  • If your eyelashes have lost their curvature, round them again by pressing their corners lightly with the help of your Gold Lash Applicator.
  • Use the lash curler on your naturals before applying false eyelashes, that way you will prevent taking them off by accident.
  • With a characteristic thin dark strip our Glam, Mink, Natural, and 3D Silk Lashes collections are versatile and more comfortable to apply if you’re in a hurry or beginning to use lashes.
  • The individual lashes applications like the Flair Pro individual Lash pack, in combination with strip lashes, are great to give an extra definition for a Red Carpet You can also use them separately for a subtle, yet sophisticated makeup look.
  • Apply the glue all over the eyelash strip making an emphasis on the inner and outer corner of the lash so that they get strongly fixed to your eyelid.
  • As mentioned above, let your Black or white GLUEME Lash Adhesive dry a bit before applying false eyelashes. This step is indispensable for stopping eyelash meltdown casualties. Half a minute is more than enough to assure a perfect adhesive consistency.


Beauty Hack:

If you’re still learning how to apply false eyelashes, start your makeup routine by applying false lashes, then primer, concealer, and then eyeshadow. This way you will prevent the risks of having an eyelash meltdown after getting a perfect cut crease eye look.

Still having a hard time deciding which one of our numerous products will perfectly match your look? If you feel you need some professional help to find the make the right call, let us know!

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False Eyelashes FAQs & Application Tips

False Eyelashes FAQs & Application Tips