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How do perfect eyelashes look? Long, defined, with volume, natural, and separate. That’s why false eyelashes have become a fundamental element of any trendy eye look. Lashes frame our eyes and give personality to our face.  It complements a woman’s overall look,  so it’s essential to learn which type of lashes will bring out the natural beauty of your eyes.  Moreso, perfectly placed false lashes enhanced with mascara application would give your eyes a dreamy, wispy look.  But, are you doing it properly? Let’s us guide you when you should be enhancing your false lashes with mascara and how to apply mascara on bottom lashes for highlight.

Mascara On Bottom Lashes, To Blink Or Not To Blink?

Nowadays, mascara is an essential step in any beauty routine. The questions is, should we also apply it on the lower lashes?

Defining the lower lashes is a must, but it isn’t correct to do it in any situation. It will depend on the length of your bottom lashes, the style of eye makeup and whether you are using upper false eyelashes or not. So, yes! You can also apply false eyelashes on the bottom of your eye for an extra-fabulous look!

While placing individual lashes on your upper lashes is a bit more complicated since it requires precision, putting bottom lashes such as our LOWER LASH DUOon your lower lash line is easy. With the help of our gold LASH APPLICATOR for a better grasp and a dab of White Clear GLUEME, you can blend your natural eyelashes with the false lashes for a beautiful finishing touch.

When Is Using Mascara On Bottom Lashes Recommended?

  • When you have heavy eyelid makeup like smokey eyes in dark tones or there is a significant amount of pigmentation on the eyelid. Use mascara on bottom lashes to balance the heaviness from your eyeshadow.
    • When applying mascara on the upper lashes, however, raise your face and your chin upwards while looking down to expose your eyelashes fully.

    Keep in mind:

    To avoid accidents, apply mascara first to your upper eyelashes. Let it dry for a couple seconds before continuing with bottom lashes.  This way, even if you sneeze and automatically close your eyes, you won’t get a mascara stain!

    Mascara Care Tips

    • Replace your mascara after every three months of use:While a lipstick can last a year without losing any of its qualities, mascara begins to dry, form lumps, and accumulate bacteria immediately after being used for the first time.
    • Remove excess mascara with a wet towel:When there’s too much mascara in your wand and you apply it to your lashes, they will probably end up sticking together. Before applying mascara, clean any excess product with a baby wipe. Or you can opt for disposable brushes.
    • Never pump your mascara, ever! It’s the way we’ve seen mascara being applied since the beginning of time, but it’s a big NO-NO! Don’t pump your mascara up and down as you will only be facilitating air to enter and accumulate inside the tube. It will accelerate dryness and lumpiness faster. If you need to extract more product, make gentle circular movements inside the tube.
    • Use primer:In the same way a primer can work miracles for your upper lashes, using a primer before applying mascara on bottom lashes will give your lashes more volume and definition.
    • Only for upper lashes: Using an eyelash curler is essential to get more benefit when using mascara.The correct way to use it is to place the curler at the base of the eyelashes and make the first curl. Apply it to the center and if you have extra-long eyelashes, make a third curl towards the tip.
    • Accidents happen:If an accident occurred, you ended up brushing mascara over your cheek or on your perfect eyeshadow look, don’t panic! Focus on something else and allow the mascara to dry, then remove it with the tip of your gold LASH APPLICATOR. Cleaning up mascara immediately will only spread it further, and make it more difficult to correct.

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False Eyelashes FAQs & Application Tips

False Eyelashes FAQs & Application Tips