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If there is a cosmetic product that can completely change your look, it’s mascara.  A well-chosen and properly applied mascara can transform a simple eye-look within minutes.  It can open your eyes and give them that extra touch of mystery, elegance, and femininity. However, even for professionals, there’s a dispute on whether to apply mascara on false eyelashes or not.

If you have never tried or managed to put on false eyelashes, you’re missing out the intense effect it can give to your eyes. At Pinky Goat, we design lashes for all eye shapes, occasions, and style preferences. Even if your natural eyelashes are striking enough just by using mascara, false lashes will always bring a professional finish.

The trick is preparing your natural eyelashes with the correct mascaras before your eyelash application.

What type of mascara should I use?

In the same way that there’s a false eyelash design perfect for you, there’s a mascara suited to your needs. For example:

  • If you have short eyelashes, don’t go for an extra-volume effect mascara since it’ll make them look even shorter or it will create lumps.
  • If you have thin eyelashes, choose one that provides volume and thickening.
  • For regular or medium-sized eyelashes in addition to lengthening, buy a mascara with a curved applicator, because it will enhance the effect of using an eyelash curler.

How do I know what effect each mascara will provide?

Mascaras indicate what type of function they fulfill – lengthen, curl, definition, etc. However, usually:

  • Thicker brushes have a thickening effect
  • Thin ones will lengthen your eyelashes and are perfect for touching up your bottom lashes
  • Curved brushes will help curl them
  • Brushes with closer bristles will lengthen your lashes to the maximum, simultaneously adding volume

In all cases, using an eyelash curler on your upper lashes, as well as a primer on top and bottom lashes, will make a significant difference on your final results.

Should I put mascara on false eyelashes?

Now …we’ve gotten to the heart of the matter. You’ve already chosen your eyelashes for the occasion, curled your upper lashes, applied a layer of mascara on your natural lashes, and put on your Pinky Goat lashes like a pro… should you apply another layer of mascara on false eyelashes?

And the answer is: NO!

Why? Eyelashes are designed with a specific style.  Whether it’s a unique criss-cross effect or double layered for an ultra-voluminous look, applying mascara will distort the hairs and change the lash style. False eyelashes are also reusable so taking care of the shape will allow you to wear them over and over again.

Pinky Goat Beauty Hack

The best thing with Pinky Goat lashes is once you master the Pinky Goat eyelash application technique, you’re ready to go! There’s no need for you to go through the long and delicate process of applying a coat of mascara on false eyelashes. Just remember to let the GLUEME Lash Adhesive to dry a little before putting on your lashes. That saves you a great deal of time and lessens the chance of you ruining your makeup and false lashes.

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